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Eduventures Releases Report that Examines the Trade-off between Price and Academic Fit When Considering College

High Sticker Price: Is the Chilling Effect Real or Imagined is Part of a Body of Research that Draws on Data from the Eduventures Annual Prospective Student Survey


Boston, MA – May 25, 2016 – Eduventures, Inc., the leading provider of primary research, analysis and advisory services that help higher education institutions support decision making throughout the student lifecycle, today announced that they have released the 2016 Eduventures Insights report titled High Sticker Price: Is the Chilling Effect Real or Imagined?

This report explores the questions of whether prospective college students can see beyond the sticker price to understand the complexity of college pricing and whether rising sticker prices have an effect at the top of the enrollment funnel. The report also examines whether students shy away from considering a college that seems too expensive without a discount that they may or may not receive and whether students have a realistic understanding of the size of the discount that they should expect to receive.

According to the author of this report, Eduventures Principal Analyst, Kim Reid, “As we move toward an overall traditional undergraduate population that is more likely to be low-income, first-generation, or from an underrepresented background, enrollment management leaders must come to terms with the perils of the high-price, high-discount model. The current status quo pricing model stops many of these prospective students from even considering high priced institutions as an option, unintentionally depriving them of a choice other students take for granted.”

Is Higher Education Being Commoditized?

Eduventures analysis has concluded that higher education sticker prices are skirting the boundary of commoditization. In general, students are more willing to apply to a school that feels like an academic match than a stretch or safety school. As a result, institutions have turned to increasing and unsustainable discount rates, often putting more money on the table to get fewer enrollments. Any institution that wants to evade commoditization should focus on quality and fit in tandem with revenue.

For additional information about this report or to arrange a one-on-one briefing with the author, please contact Ellen Slaby at eslaby@eduventures.com.



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