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Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
Doctoral granting institution
Public Institution
Approximately 31,000 undergraduate students

Addressing Retention and Recruiting Challenges

The Challenge: To support objectives laid out in a new strategic plan, Purdue had the following goals: Understand why accepted students did not enroll in the University, decide which activities would be most effective when communicating with prospective students, and examine the patterns of student attrition.

The Solution: Eduventures conducted a number of research studies that addressed Purdue’s challenges and provided the evidence, data, and guidance the University needed to make decisions and implement change.

The Results: The results of the research gave Purdue the ability to place lower priorities projects on the back burner, saving time and money, the data to support additional funding for new scholarship packages, and new messaging for student support materials.

“We knew that our scholarship offers were not meeting the needs of some of our potential students, but the anecdotal information we had wasn’t enough to pursue additional funding. Having data to support that we were losing good applicants to our peers because they were offering bigger scholarships gave us the leverage we needed to secure much better scholarship packages for our students.”

-Cathy Heinz, Associate Director of Admissions

University of Maryland, College Park, MD
Doctoral granting institution
Public Institution
Approximately 26,000 undergraduate students

Understanding the Impact of Undergraduate Student Employment

The Challenge: The University of Maryland, College Park wanted to improve its understanding of the skills being developed by students employed by the university and their level of satisfaction with their on-campus work experience.

The Solution: To assist them with this goal, the Eduventures research team conducted a survey of undergraduate students employed on campus. Over 580 students responded to the survey including resident assistants, tutors, lab assistants, and office assistants.

The Results: The research provided the University of Maryland with a much better understanding of the impact on-campus employment was having on their undergraduates. While the results affirmed that students felt they were developing important job-related skills through their jobs, it also highlighted areas for improvement, including a need to better connect on-campus employment with student’s academic and career goals.

“Having Eduventures manage all the data collection and data analysis allowed us to undertake this assessment initiative without having to hire someone internally to get it done or further burden our already very busy staff. With everything else we are doing it can be hard to find time to conduct these types of initiatives so we appreciate having Eduventures as a partner we can turn to for help on projects like this.”

-Dr. Adrienne Hamcke Wicker, Assistant Director for Assessment

University of West Florida, Pensacola, FL
Doctoral granting institution
Public Institution
Approximately 8,400 undergraduate students

Improving Ties with Local Employers

The Challenge: The University of West Florida wanted to examine the employer demand for its graduates and identify opportunities to strengthen employer recruiting activity on campus.

The Solution: The Eduventures research team used two methodologies: A web survey of regional employers through the local chamber of commerce and a comprehensive business scan of the business environment in the Southwest to highlight levels of economic trends and growth.

The Results: The research revealed the employers have a preference to hire UWF graduate over graduates from other regional institutions. This investigation also identified opportunities to increase awareness and utilization of recruiting resources provided by the Office of Career Services. The results affirmed the importance of UWF’s ongoing development of its CO-OP program, provided access to a cohort of employers who wanted to learn more about the University recruiting program and generated additional job postings by employers.

“This research as assisted us in fine tuning our employer development programs. There is a confirmation of some of the things we just assumed before and the data will help us better market our students and programs to our community.”

-Nathan Ford, Assistant Director of the Office of Career Services