Client Success Stories

Eduventures clients come in all shapes and sizes, with interests ranging from enrollment to adult education, fundraising to online programs. Here are a few of our success stories.

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We worked with Boston University to determine the feasibility of two new online programs in music education. We helped Colby College to improve the effectiveness of its annual fund.

We helped Drew University improve its understanding about why accepted students weren’t enrolling.


We worked with Empire State College to determine the market for a new online program.
We worked with Fort Hays State University to examine the feasibility of a proposed program. We worked with the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University to increase their differentiation for their online programs.

We worked with Louisiana Tech University to help them improve their website messaging.

We worked with Marist College to determine the return on investment of a proposed extension center.
We worked with New Jersey City University to examine the feasibility of a proposed MBA program. We helped Old Dominion University to increase impact of their Child Development Center through increased integration.

We worked with Purdue University to address retention and recruiting challenges.

We worked with Texas Tech to determine appropriate campaign staffing and funding levels.


We worked with the University of Illinois Foundation to address budget instability and make the case for accessing new recourses.


We helped the University of Maryland, College Park to better understand the impact of employment on undergraduate students.
We worked with the University of Pittsburgh to investigate the online program feasibility for the School of Education.

We worked with the University of Tennessee, Knoxville to determine market demand for a proposed program.


We helped the University of West Florida to improve ties with local employers.



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