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Copyright and Quote Policy

Eduventures is the definitive source of objective thought leadership for higher education leaders. To protect our reputation for objectivity, we have strict standards for appropriate use of our company name, research and logo. The Eduventures name and published materials are subject to trademark and copyright protection, regardless of where and how referenced. This policy defines how you may use the “Eduventures” name, logo, and excerpt Eduventures research. We reserve the right of refusal.

Eduventures logo: As a registered trademark symbol, use of the Eduventures logo requires express, written permission. You may include the logo only when promoting a licensed Eduventures Reprint, an Eduventures Webcast or an analyst speaking engagement.

External use: When using Eduventures content or data, you must provide the following attribution, “Source: Eduventures.” Where possible we ask that an Eduventures analyst’s official title accompanies his or her name. In cases where your quote is based on research from an Eduventures document, we would ask that you cite the name of the report, followed by the month and year it was published. Reproducing Eduventures research and materials in their entirety or in large parts, requires prior written approval.

To submit a logo or usage request email your request to eslaby@eduventures.com