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Quantitative Data Analysis

For twenty years Eduventures has conducted quantitative data analysis based on rigorous survey data, providing insight into the most pressing issues facing higher education including online and continuing education, enrollment management, development, and technology selection and deployment.
Eduventures provides proprietary quantitative research and analysis on the following:

  • The major forces impacting the student and parent college decision-making process
  • The needs and requirements of adult learners and other non-traditional students
  • Leadership gift officer productivity
  • Trends in online program selection
  • The online student experience
  • Enterprise and functional area technology requirements

Our deep quantitative data allows us to:

  • Analyze and uncover new trends and insights
  • Segment data by institutional categories
  • Provide guidance based on the relevance of their data compared to a national sample



  • Prospective Student Survey Administered annually to high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors to understand the preferences of prospective college students. With these insights, colleges are able to focus their recruitment strategy, target key student segments, improve differentiation, and prioritize and plan marketing budgets.
  • Admitted Student Survey Used by clients to gain insight that will help drive future enrollments and technology needs to meet their admissions strategic goals. The study helps institutions understand what their traditional admitted students are thinking, such as why they enroll and why they do not enroll, to enable data-driven decisions around programming, communication, and financial aid
  • Non-Traditional Prospective Student Survey The focus of this annual survey is on prospective students in U.S. higher education who are beyond the traditional age, defined as age 25 and older, at both undergraduate and graduate level (for-credit only). The study is designed for colleges and universities with major investments in adult students and institutions looking to expand their presence in this market
  • Enrolled Student Survey This study is designed to help online programs targeting predominantly prospective adult learners to gain a better understanding of a student’s motivations when choosing an institution.
  • Prospective Student Assessment of Academic Quality – Survey of student perceptions of an institution’s academic quality; designed to develop recruiting messages that adjust student misperceptions
  • Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) in Support of Strategic Enrollment Goals – A business case for investing in CRM to help enrollment managers gain institutional buy-in
  • Effects of the Economy on Parents of Freshmen – A prediction of the impact the economy will have on enrollments and decision-making